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Lank & Inkfish feat. Yota - Let It Roll (Livingstone Remix)

Lank & Inkfish feat. Yota - Let It Roll (Alex Romano & Mishery Remix)

Jay Lumen - Say Yes

Olene Kadar - Little Miss Dynamite (Aanton Pieete Remix)

Nick Warren Flowers (Solee Remix)

Affkt - Lost Key

Sebastian Krieg & Weekend Heroes - Mercury (Sam Walter Remix)

Wally Lopez & MYNC - Back To Back

Ticon & Weekend Heroes - Teleport

Jon Kong, Chris Aidy & Ana - Apollo

Loud - Engines On (Perfect Stranger Remix)

Magitman & Brisker - Sofa Surfing (Alex Di Stefano Remix)

Tash - When Duty Calls (Trim The Fat Remix)

Ryan Davis - A Natures Son (Andre Sobota Remix)


Exclusive 1 hour mix of the Exploring Israel compilation by Matan Caspi & Eddy Good out on Baroque Records

1) Matan Caspi & Eddy Good - Intro To Israel
2) Irad Brant - Adult Use Only
3) 123XYZ - Right on Time
4) Astronivo - 03 - 47
5) Matan Caspi & Eddy Good - Thinking Of You
6) Guy Mantzur & Stephan Bazbaz - Space Boutique
7) Magitman - Turn Out
8) Matan Caspi & Eddy Good feat. Mz Makers - Brown Gold
9) Eddy Good - Shofar Talking
10) Mark-F & Garry Lachman - The Beginning
11) The 8th note vs Yona - Synthetic Dreams
12) Ofer Di - Get Up
13) Roi Tochner - Vibe
14) Colerless - Adi
15) Mr.black ft Epiehoni - Blue Eyes
16) Eitan Carmi - Tech Pause
17) Ronen Dahan & Twice Nice - Away
18) Matan Caspi & Fresh - Knocked Into Submission

When you have two creative minds from different countries collide with each other, the impact is usually explosive! And with this compilation it is no difference, make no mistake this is the finest selection of electronic dance music at this present moment with the best upfront artists from Israel. Inside ...this amazing V/A compilation 18 unreleased tracks produced especially & exclusively for this project. Expect to find original material from artists like Magitman, Astronivo, Irad Brant, 123XYZ, Ofer Di, Eitan Carmi, Roi Tochner, Guy Mantzur, Stephan Bazbaz, Fresh, Ronen Dahan & Twice Nice, The 8th Note, Mr. Black, Colorless, Mark F, Garry Lachman and of course Matan’s & Eddy’s own productions.

Travel into Israel by music and let the music guide you into the modern flow of today’s Israeli vibe, sharing a pure love and passion for electronic music, an essence of making borders and restrictions disappear like snow in the desert!

Official mini trailer: http://youtu.be/isVnojKKXVc
Official distribution: http://www.primedirectmusic.com/promos/BARQCD024/
Official outlets digital and hardcopy: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/423704-01.htm

Matan and Eddy met each other 3 years ago and started to produce their own unique sound which can never be defined as one style only. Their productions and mixes combine a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from groovy progressive house to the tech house & techno, from

deep house through to the international edge of the electronic music pool. Don’t be surprised if you can find some of these styles mingled into 1 track! These guys have been busy dishing out some lethal tracks in recent years, on labels such as Little Mountain Recordings, Baroque, Spinnin’, Ultra, Nervous, Unreleased Digital, Pacha, Harem Records & Global Underground... along with Huge remixes for Ned Shepard, Simon & Shaker, Daniel Portman, Rino Cabrera, Damien J. Carter, Trafik, Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji.

Future will bring only more high class productions as there are many original, remixes and collaborations with imprint labels, high profile artists and well-known names. Catch while you can the sound of now, cause their productions is constantly evolving into new styles!


Randomatik - Traveling Out To Space (Muzikjunki's Discovery Mix)

Nelsen Grover - Awake

Pan Pot - Captain My Captain (Rodriquez jr. Remix)

Dansor feat. Saskia Laroo - Feeling (Von Smir Remix)

Eitan Carmi & C Jay - Dreams (Stimpack Remix)

Anil Chawla - Roc

Lange Pres LNG - Brandalism (Lange Mix)

Umek & PHNTM - Dead Space

2UP & Amado - Bad Syntheziser (Fusi & Johnson Remix)

Luigi Rocca & Pleasurekraft - Nostromo

Maxime Dangles - Astroneff

Sebastian Krieg & Weekend Heroes - Mercury (Magitman Remix)

Shiftone - Smilemakers Song


Glen Morrison feat. Christian Burns - Tokyo Cries (Mason Remix)

Bodytemp - Kalm (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Jeremy Olander - Chronic

Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Acapella)

Underworld - Bird 1 (Mark Broom Vocal Mix)

Boysdontdance - Tangula

Nadia Lengert - How Long Can I Wait (Tube & Berger Remix)

Matan Caspi & Darko De Jan - Ney Palm (Matan Caspi Chords Mix)

Pablo Acenso - Habitat (Luiz B Remix)

Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji - Pressure (Matan Caspi & Eddy Good Remix)

Timo Garcia - Miscalate (Eddy Good feat. Satory Seine Bootleg Mix)

Spirit - No Way Out (David Tort Remix)

Jeremy Olander - Riots

Foremost Poets - Moonraker (Acapella)


Aron Scot - Lilas (Lokovski Remix)

Stan Kolev feat. No Mercy - Aquarias (Unslaved Remix)

My Digital Enemy - Tomba

Shlomi Aber & Itamar Sagi - Blonda

Spiritchaser - These Tears (Club Mix)

Oliver Koletzki & Fran - I Might (Murat Kilic Remix)

Paolo Mojo - Interstellar (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

Sharam & Anousheh Khalili - Fun (Dubhouse Mix)

Gary Beck - Hey Big Girl

Bass Kleph - Oh Yeah

Stan Kolev - Water Of Life (KhoMha Sunrise Remix)

Sil - Windows (Sonny Whartone Remix)

Rocco Mundo & ONNO - June Demo